B-Fair Taxis

Air Port update

Both Heathrow and Gatwick have,as from 1st Jan2021 have added a £5 drop off fee , we will have to pass this on to the customer

Covid 19 update

We are still working , but adding a courier service for 30 miles radius from Petersfield , this includes Portsmouth , Southampton , Guildford , Basingstoke , etc , so for all your Courier needs , give me a ring for a competitive quote

Also during this virus time , for the residents of South Harting , We/I offer the following

Petersfield Plus return £20 ( no charge for waiting)

Chichester Plus return £40 again no charge for waiting

Midhurst Plus return £36  , no waiting /charge

Other destinations , please ring

Welcome to B-Fair Taxis Petersfield 


Airport prices


From Petersfield £85 , Return £80+parking


From Petersfield £85 , Return £80+parking


From Petersfield £70, Return £70+parking

All trips to airports/Return after 10:00pm and before 5:00am carry a £10 surcharge

We take the following card payments in car

£5 minimum charge